Marketing Package - Professional Presentation of Product and Service

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Tastes and trends change in the business world on a daily basis and it is important to make sure that you present yourself in a way that gets you noticed and remembered in order to be successful. Of course, top-notch research, a friendly and approachable demeanour and confidence in your work are the keys to securing future business, but what about the supporting factors which also play a key role in impressing your clients?
There is a very old expression which tells us not to judge a book by its cover, but many of us do none the less and when it comes to a presentation, this is often true in the most literal sense! The style and creativity of your marketing package can play a major role in companies determining if you are the right person to represent their business and as such the packaging should be given as much time and attention as the information contained therein. Marketing packages, or sales kits, are not only a convenient way to organize and share thoughts and ideas, but are also a chance for you to show off the ways in which you can attain a customer's interest. A well-put-together marketing package designed by a professional binder company will give you the edge you need to shine above the competition and help you leave a last impression in the minds of perspective clients.
What's in the Box?
Marketing packages can be as diverse as the clients who request them, and can be customized to almost any design and specifications you can imagine. Although each kit is different based on personal taste and representation of a particular client, there are a few things that a sales kit should not be without:
Sales Letter – Basically a summary of your proposal and how it will benefit the business you hope to work with.
Information About Who You Are – This is a very good time to explain what it is that sets your company apart from other firms. It should include background information about your business, how long you've been in operation, what types of services you provide, what experience you have, the number of locations your company has and any other pertinent information you deem appropriate. It's a good idea to include personal achievements as well as those of the company as a whole, and perhaps some personal information about yourself and the others who you work with to give potential clients the opportunity to get to know who you are as a person.
An Overview Brochure – This information explains how you operate, what types of information you will gather, and briefly summarizes your plan for the company's future. A proven sales track record and information regarding current market trends also showcases not only your intelligence, but your ability to keep up with the latest information.
Packaging – The outer part of the presentation can be as important as what is contained therein. This could even be something as simple as a folder or binder which holds all of your information, but when tailor-made for this specific business it leaves the impression that you don't just know the market – you know them.